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Trilium Photo Archives - Ecuador 2011

Organic farm  chickens in cages 
Organic farm completely self sustained with manure from animals and seeds which are collected and replanted. The plants are very healthy without pesticides. The animals live off the land in rotating pens and as brush foragers. Primary food source are the plants rather than grains.
cleaning chicken  rabbits and cuy 
Local organic farmers cleaning their free-range chicken in preparation for selling at the market. Animal market in Otavalo where guinea pigs and rabbit are a local favorite.
cartilage soup  ayahuasca 
Ecuadorian food: The cartilage of the bone is medicine, glucosamine sulfate, found in food form rather than capsule. Among the important medicinal plants is Ayahuasca, a powerful medicinal and ceremonial plant that has been used by local medicine men for millenniums. It is a strong aspect of the indigenous culture.
tomato tree  crater lake 
Tomato trees are a local food staple. Looks like a flowering tree, smells like a tomato, tastes like a peachy tomato. Lake Cuicocha: Ecuador is a land of volcanoes, as this lake-filled crater exhibits. The altitude in Quito is about 9300 feet which is a recipe for altitude sickness.
blue boobie  sea lions 
This Blue Footed Booby is a tropical seabird, it is the most famous of birds living in the Galapagos. Galapagos Sea Lions are one of the most conspicuous and numerous marine mammals on the Galapagos Islands.
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