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ADD and ADHD in Children: Finally, a Call to Ban a Common Food Additive
By Daniel Amen MD- Board certified psychiatrist and international speaker for public broadcasting stations PBS
For years, I have been warning my patients about the link between artificial food coloring and behavioral issues in children.
The dangers of food dyes, which are used in everything from candy to canned soups, also pose risks of cancer and allergies.
According to a new report from the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), about 15 million pounds of artificial dyes go into our foods each year. And we are eating about five times the amount of food coloring we consumed in 1955.
The CSPI is urging the FDA to ban all artificial food dyes, and I couldn’t agree more.
I certainly hope the FDA will listen to the CSPI and eliminate these harmful dyes, but until they do, it is up to you to take control of your own health and the health of your children. Read nutrition labels and do NOT buy foods that contain artificial food coloring.
I know it can be difficult because many of the foods containing these dyes are marketed to children, who love the bright, eye-catching colors. I would suggest teaching your children from a young age about brain health and the impact these dyes can have.
Dr. Iverson's Comment
Dr. Amen has been a promoter for a healthy brain through nutrition and he can be seen regularly on PBS giving lectures on the “magnificent mind.” We are fortunate to have Dr. Amen’s clinic right here in Tacoma (253) 779-4673.
At his clinic he does a special type of imaging of the brain that allows him to see what parts of the brain are firing appropriately. What he has found is that food dyes and other chemicals or nutritional deficiencies can cause the brain have less than optimal function. In fact there is a high association with behavior disorders and a child’s intake of chemical laden food. 
Back to Nature is our motto: Eat food that Nature has intended for us and avoid Man-made chemicals. I dedicate an entire chapter on the chemicals that we want to avoid for our family’s health in my new book Nature’s Diet. Also, you will certainly want to check out all books by Dr. Daniel Amen. You will be impressed by his approach to neurological wellness.
Be well~

Andrew Iverson

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