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Use IT or lose IT: Yes, it's true…Use it or Lose it
Urology clinics have a saying: "Erections make erections." 
August 18, 2008
In other words, sexual potency is not unlike sports. If you want to be a good tennis player, play lots of tennis; if you want to be a good lover, make lots of love especially after you thought of retiring from the sport.
Researchers with the Tampere Male Urological Study in Finland first sent questionnaires to 1000 men ages 50 to 75, inquiring as to the quality of their erections and the frequency of their intercourse.  Men who reported no major problems were included in the study.

Next, the researchers sat back and waited five years. Then they tracked down the men again and asked about their general health -- including any erection problems that had developed since the first questionnaire.

Results support the use-it-or-lose-it hunch. Having sex once a week halved men's chances of developing erectile dysfunction, compared with a less-than-once-a-week schedule. The study also hinted that the more often men had sex, the better they faired. In their analyses, the researchers made sure that other health factors -- such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and depression -- did not explain the differences among men.

So what's going on here? Why does having more sex keep the male organ in shape instead of wearing it out? The likely elixir is oxygen, says study lead author Dr. Juha Koskimäki, consulting urologist at Tampere University Hospital -- specifically, oxygen molecules summoned to particular parts of the penis by erections.

Penile tissue is like other tissue: Oxygen is good for it. But unlike, say, muscles in the forearm, the muscles in the penis spend no more than three hours a day -- a good day -- fully oxygenated.

Some scientists even wonder if the unconscious erections that occur during sleep might be the body's way of making sure oxygen levels in the penis stay high. And perhaps that's why even 12-week-old fetuses can have erections in the womb -- because periodic oxygenation is important.

Some research has suggested chronically low levels of oxygen in the penis tissue might reduce its flexibility and gradually turn it into a sort of scar tissue that won't respond well to chemical signals during sexual arousal.

Oxygen-deprivation might also explain why some men lose erectile functioning after prostatectomies -- and never recover it. The sudden drop in erections after surgery -- usually a temporary phenomenon -- leads to low oxygen levels, researchers hypothesize, which could make nerve and tissue trauma even worse.

If so, there might be a (nonerotic) solution to these surgical woes: extreme oxygen therapy. A study published in January in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that rats that spent time in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at three times atmospheric pressure -- including 90 minutes of breathing pure oxygen -- kept their erectile function better than rats that didn't get this special treatment.

"The fact is that science doesn't know," Sharlip says. His own advice to patients: "Do as the spirit moves you and make decisions about sexuality that are comfortable for you and your partner."
SOURCES: The LA Times, The Mating Game, By Regina Nuzzo, August 18, 2008
Dr. Iverson's Comment
Well that was certainly a steamy article! It seems that we are becoming more aware of the importance of simple therapies. How can it get any more basic than Oxygenation and circulation? Here we spend millions of dollars on research models and it almost always brings us back to basics: fresh air, pure water, wholesome food, moving the body, and clearing the emotions.
Circulation = Life, Stagnation = Death and this function is an essential aspect of every single organ. (In fact our other article this week on Alzheimer’s utilizes this same concept!)
There are multiple ways to raise oxygen to tissues naturally. Water is also called H2O because it has OXYGEN in it! Proper hydration is essential. Exercise increases oxygenation through breath and pumping the heart. Hydrotherapy in the form of warm sitz baths and saunas increases blood flow.  Diet high in essential fatty acids found in fish, nuts, seeds, and grains act as oxygen carriers. There are also oxygen supplements that you can add to water to increase the oxygen content. The drug Viagra increases oxygen to the tissues by vasodilating blood vessels utilizing Nitric Oxide (again the oxygen component). The amino acid arginine has also shown to be helpful for this vasodilation effect. Finally why not take a class on BREATHING!!! Massively charge your blood and even your sex life! (see our class schedule on the home page)
Use it or lose it is not a phenomenon… it is just sense-worthy. This is the case for anything- if you want to keep your body in good shape- USE IT… If you want to keep your mind in good shape- USE IT!
Be well!


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