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Whether you are new to TACOMA HEALTH or an established patient, we understand that many of you have important questions that need to be answered. We have carefully composed a list of our patients' most frequently asked questions about all topics regarding being a patient here at TACOMA HEALTH. Please take a moment to carefully read over these questions and see if your inquiry may be in the answers provided.

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Use raw honey for health, skin, hair, and more
Raw honey is more than just a natural sweetener. Honey also has a variety of uses in your health and beauty regimen. The honey must be in the raw form, which is not pasteurized or refined to make use of its biochemical properties. 

Honey is formed when the nectar which bees have harvested reacts with added enzymes which creates additional chemical compounds, converts the sucrose from the nectar into fructose and glucose, and then the water is evaporated out so that the resulting product will resist spoiling. Hence, honey is a source of carbohydrates containing 80% natural sugars – mostly fructose and glucose, 18% water, and 2% minerals (largely copper, iron and manganese) – vitamins (largely B2, B3, Folate and C) – pollen and protein. You may think that is the extent of the benefits of raw honey; however, you might be surprised at some of the creative ways raw honey can be used:

Eight new ways to use raw honey:

1. Stock up for emergency food storage. Raw honey has a long shelf life because of its high sugar content and naturally occurring enzymes. In fact, when bees add enzymes to the nectar, hydrogen peroxide is formed which prevent the colonization of harmful strains of bacteria.
2. Sooth a sore throat and ease your cough.  Raw honey is well known for being the perfect cold remedy. A blend of raw honey, fresh lemon juice, and ginger can be taken as needed to treat a sore throat or cough and to boost the immune system.
3. Boost your athletic performance. Don't waste your money on commercial energy gels that contain food additives and artificial coloring. Research has shown a spoonful of raw honey before aerobic activity can provide a much needed energy boost and is effective for improving athletic performance.
4. Treat minor cuts, scrapes and burns.  Raw honey is an ancient remedy for cuts, scrapes and burns due to its natural antibacterial properties. There are at least ten different friendly bacteria present in raw honey including lactobacilli and bifidobacteria along with naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide. These bacteria species kill wound-infecting species of bacteria. Honey may also help to reduce scar formation.
5. Make a simple sugar scrub. - Soften your skin by exfoliating with a mixture of raw honey, sugar and sweet almond oil.
6. Use as a glossing treatment for hair. - Coat your hair with raw honey and let it sit for ten minutes before washing as usual.
7. Improve your sleep. - A spoonful of honey before bed (by itself or in a cup of warm herbal tea) is a natural sleep remedy that can help you relax and fall asleep faster.
8. Enjoy a honey facial. - Massage a teaspoon of raw honey into your face and let it sit for 10-30 minutes before rinsing with cool water. This simple honey mask can smooth your skin, fight wrinkles, improve skin tone, reduce redness, and help with blemishes.
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