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Whether you are new to TACOMA HEALTH or an established patient, we understand that many of you have important questions that need to be answered. We have carefully composed a list of our patients' most frequently asked questions about all topics regarding being a patient here at TACOMA HEALTH. Please take a moment to carefully read over these questions and see if your inquiry may be in the answers provided.

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Calling all Fair-skinned and Freckled People
“Fair-skinned people who are prone to sunburn may need to take supplements to ensure they get enough vitamin D,” reported the BBC.
Vitamin D is essential and is required for good bone health. There is some evidence to suggest that it may protect against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and other chronic diseases.
The researchers concluded that sun-sensitive individuals did not achieve optimal levels of vitamin D from sun-bathing because they were more likely to burn before they achieved adequate levels. They recommended supplementation ‘should be considered for the majority of populations living in a temperate climate, and melanoma patients in particular’. Meanwhile, higher vitamin D levels were associated with longer sun exposure, taking vitamin D supplements and using lower SPF sunscreen. 
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