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Whether you are new to TACOMA HEALTH or an established patient, we understand that many of you have important questions that need to be answered. We have carefully composed a list of our patients' most frequently asked questions about all topics regarding being a patient here at TACOMA HEALTH. Please take a moment to carefully read over these questions and see if your inquiry may be in the answers provided.

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Researcher warns of brain cancer risk from cell phones
International Herald Tribune, July 24, 2008
PITTSBURGH: The head of a prominent cancer research institute has issued an unprecedented warning to his faculty and staff: Limit cellphone use because of the possible risk of cancer. The warning from Dr. Ronald Herberman, director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, issued Wednesday, is contrary to numerous studies that have not found a link between brain cancer and cellphone use and a lack of official concern from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
Herberman said he was basing his alarm on early unpublished data. He said that it took too long to get answers from science and that he believed people should take action now, especially in regard to children.
In the memo he sent to about 3,000 faculty and staff Wednesday, he said children should use cellphones only for emergencies because their brains are still developing.
Adults should keep the phone away from the head and use the speakerphone or a wireless headset, he said. He even warned against using cellphones in public places like a bus because it would expose others to the phone's electromagnetic fields.
The issue that concerns some scientists - though far from being a consensus - is electromagnetic radiation. It is not a major topic in conferences of brain specialists.
"The potential elevated risk of brain tumors after long-term cellular phone use awaits confirmation by future studies."
Still, Herberman cites what he calls a "growing body of literature linking long-term cellphone use to possible adverse health effects including cancer."
"Although the evidence is still controversial, I am convinced that there are sufficient data to warrant issuing an advisory to share some precautionary advice on cellphone use," he wrote in his memo.
Dr. Iverson's Comment
Whoa! This really puts cell phone use in perspective again! Those invisible waves of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) that are becoming more and more dense in our living spaces as we progress technologically with computers and other gadgets. Since all living cells are dependent upon electrical charges, there have been some researchers concerned that EMFs may interfere with this cellular function. Of course it is still too early to know for sure, but should we wait until we have definitive information and potential illness to start being more wise? I applaud Dr. Herberman for his integrity to speak out against the opposition. Remember, both cancer treatment and cell phones are BIG BUSINESS and his credibility is on the line!!!
There is growing concern that EMF (electromagnetic frequency) pollution is not only having an effect on humans but also our animals.   Honey bee populations are in jeopardy of becoming non-existent. This is partially felt due to their homing mechanisms that can be interrupted with the EMF waves.   If pollination of crops is lessened due to less bees, then food will be more difficult to produce and prices will go up even further… sounds like one more problem to add to the current oil and economical issues.
We currently suggest limiting exposure to cell phones, especially for children. Utilize the speaker phone when possible and the BLUE TUBE HEAD SET, which transmits via air waves instead of wire transmission. There are also multiple EMF protection devices on the internet—from magnets to pendants to chips, that can be attached to your phone and computers directly.
BEE well!
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